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JAM Club

The children of Sunday School (now called the JAM Club) meet each Sunday morning in the Church. Children may sit together at the front or with their parents. After the first few items of the service, which normally would include a talk to the children, they would leave to go to the large hall.

The Children will have had planned for them a wide variety of activities aimed at helping them understand the Christian faith in an age appropriate way.

Sparklers Sunday School information -

Children are welcome to join together during the church service for bible stories, crafts and games.

Babies to Primary 3 attend Sparklers ( main hall and crèche room ) & older children meet in the Wyper Hall.

We currently use the 'Go Teach' material for lesson outline & teachers' notes.

Most weeks begin with a welcome, singing of choruses and a short prayer. We also celebrate any birthdays.

There is a game or an activity for all the children before splitting into groups for a story, crafts or worksheet.

If time allows, we join together at the end for more games.

Our activities are themed to help the children understand their bible story. We have a mixture of old and new Testament passages which demonstrate Jesus' power and God's love. The aim is to help the children understand how the Lord is at work in their lives.

The teaching team work hard to make our activities fun & memorable for the children. We hope that the pictures and models they take take home will remind them of the lesson & that God is always with them.

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